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Collecting, Using and Disclosing Personal Information


Users of the The Residential Colleges & Halls’ website may receive a cookie to their computer’s memory. A cookie is a small data structure sent from a web server to the web browser and saved on your hard drive as a text file. Most web browsers are set to accept cookies. If you do not wish to receive cookies you can disable this function in your web browser though doing so may restrict access to some web pages.

Cookies store non-personal information such as your server address, your top level domain name, the date and the time of your visit to the site, the pages you accessed and downloaded, the address of the last site you visited, and the type of browser you are using. We use this information for monitoring The Residential Colleges & Halls’ website use to facilitate website management, development and planning.

Online forms

If you provide personal details during your visit to The Residential Colleges & Halls’ website, we will only use and disclose your personal information for the purpose for which it was collected. Any other type of use and disclosure will require your consent, or be in accordance with prescribed exemptions under privacy laws.
For example, if you complete an online form requesting services, unless you give consent for your personal details to be used for other purposes, those details will only be used for the purpose of requesting that service, for a secondary related purpose, or for another that falls within one of the exemptions of use and disclosure in the privacy legislation.


The Residential Colleges and Halls’ website does not guarantee secure transmission of information over the internet. Visitors should be aware that there are risks in transmitting information over the internet. If you are concerned about conveying your personal information over the internet, you may wish to contact the Intercollegiate Office by telephone or mail.
Usernames and passwords are required before personal information (such as resumé details) are displayed on the website. This is to ensure that information is provided only to the intended person. You should ensure that your password is kept securely and not disclosed to anyone else.

  • The Residential Colleges & Halls’ website provides external links as a service to users of its website. In providing an external link
  • The Residential Colleges & Halls do not accept responsibility for or endorse the content or condition of any linked site.
  • The Residential Colleges & Halls’ website may store cookies on your computer.
  • Personal details provided by you during your visit will be used only for the purpose they were intended.
  • The Residential Colleges & Halls do not accept responsibility for the risks associated with online transactions.
  • The Residential Colleges & Halls respect the privacy of your personal information by adhering to privacy laws. The Residential Colleges & Halls’ website privacy statement outlines how The Residential Colleges & Halls will manage personal information collected through the use of its website. This statement does not extend to external websites that have been linked from The Residential Colleges & Halls’ website. It is suggested that you refer to the privacy statements of these sites.

Privacy Laws

With regard to personal information collected from The Residential Colleges and Halls’ website, The Residential Colleges & Halls must comply with the Victorian Information Privacy Act 2000 and the Health Records Act 2001.

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